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Kent Aberle

Allegra Drum Education Program

Playing music is an art. So is creating the instrument
Playing an instrument well takes dedication, time and a passion for creating something beautiful from the fundamental building blocks at your disposal. The same is true in creating a fine instrument. We have learned over time the best way to create drums, and are dedicated to delivering only the finest. This is our passion.

Brandon Aly
As a third generation musician, music has always been a part of Brandon's life. His grandmother, an accomplished pianist and published composer and his mother a talented pianist and singer. It was with his mother that Brandon first performed at the age of six. Attendance at the Booker T. Washington School for the Performing Arts continued Mr. Aly's education. Noted alumni of "The Arts Magnet" include Edie Brickell, John Bush, Kenny Withrow (of the New Bohemians), as well as Grammy award winning artists such as Erykah Badku and Nora Jones. After graduating from high school, Brandon continued to study music theory and composition at Richland college. It was during this time that Brandon combined efforts with fellow music student Brad Houser to form the band New Bohemians. This initial union began a collaboration that would come to include his high school classmates and result ultimately with the platinum release of "Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars" on Geffen Records. After leaving the New Bohemians in 1989, Brandon worked briefly with singer/songwriter Rhett Miller before joining with Jamaican-born singer, Leroy Shakespeare to form the band, Ship of Vibes. During the five years of touring and a subsequent CD release entitled "Jubilation" on Carpe Diem Records, Brandon began exploring different cultures of music and began studying the styles of African, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian music. Brandon performed with various drum and dance ensembles and even accompanied the Dallas Black Dance Theatre in piece choreographed by Chuck Davis. Mr Aly moved to the Texas Hill Country in 1995 with his wife to start a family. He continued to study the African style of drumming by studying with Master Drummer Alseny Sylla from Boke, Guinea as well as various Master Drummers and teachers such as Yamoussa Camara (Les Ballet Merveilles) and Mohamed Camara (Percussion de Guinea). Performing for a short time with the Austin-based Lannaya, West African Drum and Dance Ensemble. In 1998, the members of the New Bohemians reunited to write and record two songs for a "Best Of" CD release on Hippo Records. The two songs were not initially released, but the project prompted the reformation of the band. In 1999, the original members of New Bohemians went to Montauk, New York to write and record the independently released "Live Montauk Sessions". October 2004 had the New Bohemians collaborating again on new material that was later recorded in Spring of 2005. Brandon continues to reside in the Hill Country and performs with local band Zydeco Blanco, comprised of members all living in the same "small town". The band's self-titled CD was recorded and produced by Aly in Blanco at Brandon's home-based studio. Brandon often accompanies other local musicians such as Patsy Thompson and works as an Assistant Band Director of the percussion section of the local high school's marching band. Brandon also teaches local youth who are interested in studying drum set and hand drumming, including his daughter who is now the drummer for her own band!


Jim E Anderson
I have been teaching individualized drum and percussion lessons in Sonora, California since 1997.
I offer beginning to advanced snare drum, drum set and band percussion lessons in my studio four days a week Monday thru Thursday. I am also available for clinics, lessons and masterclasses at schools, workshops and other events.I have taught over 4,500 lessons to students from as young as 5 years old to 85 years young.
I am conscientious and enthusiastic teacher and I enjoy helping students establish and attain their musical goals. I create a fun learning environment for students and improve my passion for music instruction by attending regular music clinics and conventions to learn new teaching methods.
My methods create excited drummer/musicians who excel on drum set, rudimental (marching) style drumming, orchestral and school band music. You or your child will experience increased self-confidence through concentrated, individualized private music lessons.
I have gone through the “live scan” fingerprint and background check process and have taught in many local middle and high schools as an instructor and coach. I highly encourage participation in school music programs for those students who are afforded that opportunity. I carry business insurance for both my private studio and my on-site school activities
I considers myself a ‘student of the drums’ and believe that there is always something new to learn and incorporate into my playing, performing and teaching. Another Quick Note: Drums and rhythm are primal. Everyone loves drums because rhythm is hard-wired into our human DNA. Mankind has been creating rhythm by banging on things for a very long time. And it’s fun! Drumming makes you happy! That’s why at Andersong Music we say: "Drums Good… Make Happy!!"