Ryan Elwood

Littleton, CO

Drums are my passion. Whether performing or teaching, I truly love getting behind the kit and making music. I've been teaching since 2002, and since then I’ve developed a comprehensive approach that encompasses everything I’ve learned over a lifetime of drumming experience.
I’m always looking to take on new students of all ages and skill levels.
My teaching practice is conveniently located on South Broadway near Arapahoe Road in Littleton, CO, providing easy access from all regions of the metro area. My studio is unique for the Denver area because I have two acoustic drum kits set up side-by-side, which allows students to see the techniques that I use in my playing up close.
I love the Professional Drum Teachers Guild because it allows me to connect to drum teachers all around the world.


Ed Eliason

Gregg Eckersen
 I was born in Daytona Beach and have been a lifelong resident of this area. Like most drummers my interest in drums began when I was a small child. I would collect empty coffee cans and gather a couple sticks from the yard and "make a joyful noise". When I was in elementary school I joined the school band and learned to play the snare drum and other percussion instruments. At the age of 14, I joined my first "garage band". Our first gig was at "Skateland". We received $5.00 per man. Since then I have been in countless numbers of bands and played at many different venues in and around the Daytona area. In 2005, I started the Daytona chapter of "Drummers for Jesus" of which I am still the chapter leader. You can visit our website at http://www.drummersforjesusdaytona.com.  I am currently enrolling new students of all ages and skill levels at very affordable rates.