Jonathan Haas

Virtuoso timpanist Jonathan Haas has raised the status of the timpani to that of a solo instrument throughout his unique career that has spanned more than twenty-five years. From classical concertos to jazz and rock & roll, from symphonic masterpieces to the most experimental compositions of living composers, Haas has championed, commissioned, unearthed and celebrated music for his instrument, becoming, as Ovation magazine hailed him, "The Paganini of the timpani."

Charlie Harrington

Charlie continues to impart his knowledge to drummers everywhere. He is a member of the Professional Drum Teachers Guild and the National Association of Rudimental Drummers (NARD). Charlie is also a member of the esteemed Vic Firth Education Team as well as The Jazz Education Network (JEN).

In addition to his time studying with jazz drumming legend Ray Bauduc, he has taken master classes with Ed Soph, Louie Bellson, Jack DeJohnette, Donny Osborne, Johnny Rabb, Clayton Cameron, Butch Miles, Steve Smith, Joe Morello, Jeff Hamilton, Bill Stewart, Steve Gadd, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Peter Erskine, and Ed Shaughnessy. His lessons are guaranteed to accompany a healthy dose of wisdom as passed on to him by these giants of the drumming world.

Private lessons, clinics, and master classes are available by appointment only. Charlie teaches well-established and contemporary drumming techniques. He accepts a limited number of select motivated, serious intermediate and advanced private students in the Chicago area

Andrew Hewit

Andrew Hewitt, dubbed as "Australia's most inspirational drummer", is a world-renowned drummer, drum kit educator, drum circle and percussion workshop facilitator, TRAP facilitator, radio presenter, motivational speaker and disability advocate. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, which restricts movement in his arms and legs, which forces him to use a wheelchair. This has made drumming a very serious challenge. Despite this, Andrew has been working successfully all over Australia, and parts of the USA for over 20 years.In March 2013,  While in the US, he travelled to New York to form a new global organisation of which he on the board of directors. Can-Do Musos was established to support musicians living with the challenge of a disability from all over the world. Andrew's obsession with drumming all started in 1980 when his parents got him a drum kit for Christmas thinking it would be a good form of physical exercise. Over the years as Andrew grew, he could never participate in schools sports or any other physical activities, drums became his major passion. Andrew played in his first band in North-West Tasmania in the late 80s. Moved to Melbourne in 1992, and then Sydney in 2001.He was determined to never let his disability stop him from achieving a much greater success. 35 years later, Andrew is still hard at it. Andrew travels regularly performing and hosting drum and percussion workshops all over Australia. Past performances have included: Australia's Ultimate Drummers' Weekend 2009 (with Mike Mignogna and Dom Famularo), Roland V-Drum Festival Sydney 2010, Adelaide Fringe Festival and various other disability arts festivals, conferences and expos.In 2012, Andrew was involved in the "Making it Real" video series for Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Andrew along with 13 other people with Cerebral Palsy, discussed topics dealing with life with CP.


Greg Hipskind

Lessons take place once a week, for 30 minutes, at your scheduled time slot. I will work with you at your own pace, and not give you anything you can't handle. Yes, it will be frustrating, but that's the fun part. So you will need to practice on your own at home during the week for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, 5 times per week.

I teach drum set and snare drum. We will be working on rudiments, and different drumming styles including rock, blues, jazz, funk, and latin. I have been playing drums for 18+ years now and teaching for over 5 years. I truly enjoy the teaching side of drums, something I never really considered doing, until the opportunity came about. It has been very rewarding, watching students with no experience come to me and within a few months can play to some of their favorite songs. They get so excited and so do I.

 Playing drums is NOT easy. It takes a lot of coordination and PRACTICE. There are no shortcuts, but with time and effort, it will become one of the most fun things you will ever learn. MAKING MUSIC IS FUN!!!



Hamburg Percussion

"It's not a place, it's  an attitude." Mighty Fine drum lessons in Hamburg, NY.