Jacob Kaye

Colin Kingsmore

Greg Knowles  Professor of Music

The Juilliard School

Lincoln Center, NY


Over 20 years ago, a core group of like-minded individuals began the groundwork for what would become the KoSA experience. We felt there was a need to bring the attention of music and all its positive power to as many as we could. We created from scratch: the faculty, the identification of facilities, the course structure and events. We knew we wanted to do more than just connect participants with the greatest professionals, professors and performers - we wanted to bring an expanded educational and experiential philosophy to the table as well.

Co-founded by performing drummer, educator and author, Aldo Mazza and Dr. Jolan Kovacs Mazza, a performing classical violinist, pianist and university professor, the program has grown to include events world wide, including growing events in China and Cuba.