Steve Parezo

DRUM SCHOOL, founded by Steve Parezo, offers fun and informative drum lessons for students of all ages in the comfort of their own home. Having benefitted from 12 years of formal instruction, Steve has been a professional drummer for over 25 years and a private instructor for the last decade. He also practices what he teaches: he stays busy as a live performer with several Baltimore area groups and is also a respected studio musician. As a teacher, Steve is able to inspire students with his passion for drumming. Such enthusiasm can be infectious and when that starts to happen, the creative process really takes off. Trained in many styles of drumming including rock, country, blues, funk and rhythm & blues, Steve shows students what specific techniques are needed to play each of these genres. Every student has a different skill set and that's why a customized lesson plan is created for each aspiring drummer. While having some rhythmic ability helps, Steve helps each student get the most of their drumming efforts. All you need is a pair of sticks and the desire to learn. With that desire comes devoting ample time to practice. At DRUM SCHOOL, the benefits of practicing are clear. Students soon realize that when practice is done on a regular (hopefully daily basis), their progress further strengthens the learning process. Experience has shown that you get out of drumming what you put into it.

Julius Petrus

Julius began his musical career at age 6 studying piano.
However, he began playing drums at age 14. His first teacher was Tibor Markuš. Later he went study drums to Budapest where he studied with Julius Kovacs and later with Janos Szanyi.
In 1993, Julius graduated from the prestigious Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California where he studied with such great as
Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humprey, Bobbie Gabriel, Ralph Razze
and other great teachers and musicians.
After graduation he returned to Slovakia and recorded and worked with a who’s who of Slovak pop, rock and jazz ensembles including: ELAN, TEAM, Beata Dubasova, Peter Nagy, LBR, Adriena Bartosova, Juraj Burian, American Peter Cardarelli’s Comfort Zone, Hungarian guitar virtuoso Istvan Alapi, and also worked musical such as “ Nunsense “.
In 1996, Julius began collaboration with SABIAN cymbal company endorsing their products. More recently Julius has also taken on endorsing work for FIDOCK drums and VIC FIRTH sticks.

Check out Julius' online lessons here


Eric Perry

Eric has obsessively studied drums, drummers, and drumming for over 25 years. After studying with famed teacher Tony Monforte in New York, Eric moved on to further studies at Binghamton University. Since then, Eric has continued to study all aspects of drumming, and has played countless live shows, recorded several albums, and spent many, many hours practicing! Eric also has extensive experience in various facets of music production, including audio recording, midi based applications, and mixing and mastering audio. Eric has a very positive, encouraging approach to teaching drums, and believes that stressing quality improvement and fun in learning is key. Currently, Eric is the house drummer for the Nashville House of Prayer.


Frank Perry

Frank Perry developed a love for music at an early age but didn't start playing the drums until he was 17 years old. After learning on his own for a while, he sought instruction from some of the top drummers on Long Island starting with Charlie Perry (Stan Getz) who taught him all about jazz. Frank then went on to study with Mike Sorrentino (Big Shot), Michael Lauren (Drummers Collective) and Jon Miceli (Meatloaf). During this time, he was also playing in local cover bands and recording original music including Current by Down River, Blind by Fire Made Flesh and Parliament Hill by Verbal Kint. After moving to Florida in 2000, Frank enrolled in the music education program at Broward Community College and studied percussion under Seth Wexler (Florida Philharmonic) which inspired his love of classical percussion. While enrolled at Broward Community College, he performed with the percussion ensemble, jazz band and with local blues and alternative rock bands. In 2004, Frank started his Bachelor's Degree in music education at Five Towns College and also began studying with Dom Famularo (Drumming's Global Ambassador). During his time at Five Towns College, he played with the concert band, jazz band, choir, barbershop quartet and the pit orchestra and was the principal timpanist for a performance at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall. Frank graduated with honors in 2008 and is currently pursuing his Master's degree at Stony Brook University. With the mentoring of Dom Famularo, Frank is developing a new concept in modern drum set playing he calls "ambi-symmetrical" which gives the player total freedom from traditional drum set constraints. He continues to study with Dom and has taken lessons with Marco Minnemann (The Aristocrats) and Claus Hessler (Mike Stern).


Dave Pickett

DP Music – Total Percussion was started by Dave Pickett as an outlet to work with students of all ages and skills in percussion. Dave will bring his learned skills from his Fine Arts Degree from Western Michigan University and his graduate degree in Percussion Pedagogy from Michigan State University to assist all students and ensembles improve on their abilities. Dave  has been a member of the International Percussive Arts Society since 1981. Recognized for his abilities he has been made a member of the Vic Firth Education Team and the Guild of Professional Drum Teachers; and has been called on to judge percussion and full music programs for such organizations as DCI, BOA, USSBA, WGI Indoor Percussion and many local band and percussion circuits around the country. Early grade students and school teachers, fun loving hobbyists and professional musicians all have called on Dave for his support and knowledge. Many have turned to Dave Pickett for not only percussion, but full band music arrangements or compositions exclusively for their bands, vocal groups and percussion ensembles. By working with DP Music, you will grow as a musician in your knowledge of the wonderfully immense world of percussion, its music – and what it can be!



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