PDTG is proud to announce it's inaugural journal. It's written by PDTG members for drum educators. It's designed to inspire, encourage & help drummers of all levels. Expertly compiled by dedicated & committed PDTG members, the journal offers insight, knowledge & experience into the vast world of drumming education.
PDTG aims to equip drum educators
with the essential tools for a lifetime of drumming.

This is the first in a series.
Find out how YOU can be a part of it.


Including Inspiring Articles by PDTG  Founders Rob Ferrell, "The History of PDTG:  A Personal Journey,"

& Marty Fullard, "You Haul For The Long Haul."


Elements Drum Books by John Favicchia

Explore Joel Rothman's catalog

for all Educators  & Students

PDTG Member Sam Ruttenberg Inventor of Hingestix

Because your kick can never have too much punch, power &l low-end. Introducing  Evans EMAD UV1

Evans Red Hydraulic drumheads make drum tuning a day at the beach!  And yeah. They sound phenomenal