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Guild Co-Founder Marty Fullard is an award winning Professional Drum Educator & proudly  listed on Dom Famularo's Modern Drummer "Best Drum Teacher List."



In 2008, Orange County Drum Educators Marty Fullard and Robert Ferrell saw the need for a Guild. Careful and discerning reading of 'Craigslist' only highlighted potential problems in Orange County and across the Land. Marty and Rob reached out to other drum educators and PDTG was born.

On a dime, LA-based drum educators joined - then it went national, demonstrating a desire for the Guild vision and goals. Educators from San Francisco thru Chicago were sharing of their Craigslist nightmares with "quick-buck" drum teachers. Professional Drum Teachers grew, then Modern Drummer ran a feature, the rest: history.

Professional drum educators from all over the United States and beyond wanted to be part of the Guild. Seems like good educators desire to be part of a family built on Integrity. There are GREAT drum educators out there who share PDTG principals and ethics. THAT'S WHO WE WANT.

The Guild is happy to work with all educators who have a Professional attitude & ethic, and are striving to improve. The Guild understands that drummers are a great, but unique people who sometimes have to operate out of very unique circumstances; sometimes feeding off of the crumbs that drop from the table is hard, and we all know earning money from drumming can be very tough.

The Guild is dedicated to supporting educators in reaching and maintaining a positive relationship with students as well as being part of their own families AND playing shows on the weekend! The Guild wants STUDENTS to get a fair and accurate assessment of drum educators in Orange County, and nationally.

The Guild desires to work with all drum educators. We wish to applaud good and inspired educators. The Guild also wants to extend the hand of friendship and encouragement to all drum teachers who are pursuing excellence. We also realize that drum educators are unique "balls of wax" kudos to educators who educate outside-of-the-box.

Let's do all that we can to be part of a better and brighter future for drummers and drumming in Orange County and beyond. Let's inspire, encourage and do all we can to improve education, one student at a time! I also feel it's vital to encourage all drum educators out there in the trenches fighting to make a $.

The drum teachers who belong to PDTG bring to the drum set many years of experience along with technique, personality and individuality. Each drum educator is dedicated to professionalism & integrity. That said, if you but boots into an oven, don't make 'em biscuits! All PDTG members are human. We all drop the ball, we all have good days and we have bad days. PDTG is about drum educators with a vision and a desire to pick the ball up and make that end zone! PDTG is very fortunate. We have drum educators from every State, and from every kind of social, economical and culture. Some of the PDTG drummers are "famous" some are regular joes. We have this in common; We're learning together, and together we want to make drumming education better and more accessible for every single person in the United States and beyond. Want to be part of it?

Marty Fullard, 2008