In 2008, drum educator Marty Fullard approached me with an idea for creating the Professional Drum Teachers Guild. We both taught in Orange County, California and had experienced students coming to us who had come from previous teachers who had actually done more harm than good. Marty’s vision was to create a guild to unify like-minded teaching professionals and nurture up and coming drum educators through a network of support. This network would also provide accountability as well as encouragement. Having had two horrible teachers when I first took lessons many years ago, I was thrilled with the idea. My vision also included educating the public, specifically parents and prospective students, on what qualities to look for in a good drum teacher and what flaws to avoid in a bad one.
The Guild’s purpose is not to alienate or segregate. It is open for any drum educator to join. The Guild has positioned itself specifically for private drum educators. It doesn’t certify educators or require them to have university training. Rather, it expects members to adhere to a code of ethics. Marty and I have a shared vision for the Guild and its members. We want to ensure that each member of the Guild teaches the fundamentals of the instrument (technique, rudiments, reading, etc…) in an ethical, methodical fashion that caters to each student’s particular learning style while remaining true to his/her own particular teaching style.

Professional Drum Teachers Guild’s Mission Statement:
To provide a resource for serious drum educators to share, nurture, and be held accountable to a higher standard while also educating the public on what qualities to look for when choosing a drum educator.

Rob Ferrell


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